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The Center for Social Sciences in Seoul National University was established in 1997 to solidify the foundation of social science and to actively respond to social needs of the Korean society. It supports the affiliated research institutes and research centers, either of which is a theme-based/region-based one, and pursues multidisciplinary comprehensive research through close relations with one another. The main outcome includes a Korean social survey in transition to grasp the values ​​and lifestyles of the people in the midst of the rapid economic development conducted from 1986 to 1990 every year.

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Title / Publish Year / Author / Publisher
1984김경동 ; 안청시서울대학교 사회과학연구소
1984이홍구서울대학교 사회과학연구소
1984김일철서울대학교 사회과학연구소
1984김광웅서울대학교 사회과학연구소
1984안청시서울대학교 사회과학연구소
1984김경동 ; 최태룡서울대학교 사회과학연구소
1984안청시 ; 김하영서울대학교 사회과학연구소
1984임성한서울대학교 사회과학연구소
1984박재묵서울대학교 사회과학연구소