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September 2006
Establishment of Korea Social Science Data Archive
The Korea Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA) started in 2003 as an organization attached to the Korean Social Science Library, which was supported by the Lee Inpyo Foundation, and it provided data service of digitalized survey. In 2006, it was developed into a data archive providing data service by combining both of data and the related literatures. In 2007, it launched an online service by opening a website featuring searching tools through keyword topic, thesaurus and research variables. It also provided online statistical analysis system, that is NESSTAR.한국사회과학자료원 설립
Education Programs on Methodology and Statistical analysis launched
KOSSDA opened some education programs on methodology in social science from 2007 so as to help graduates and researchers to analyze data competently when doing research. KOSSDA now regularly provides KOSSDA educational programs in methodology and data analysis. With Summer and Winter, they cover from basic statistical courses to intermediate ones to advanced ones. And they expand into qualitative research methods and analysis. With Spring and Fall, which is a short term weekend workshop, they focus on hands on training for researchers in particular to promote their technical skills of data analysis. More and more students with various backgrounds such as medical sciences, nursing as well as social sciences are attending KOSSDA education program, and the number of students reaches into about 1,000 annually.방법론 교육 강좌 개설
November 2008
English Website opened
KOSSDA opened English website in November 2008, with the aim of international dissemination of KOSSDA DB and started data services for abroad Korean studies researchers. It is available to search by keywords, subjects, thesaurus and survey variables just as Korean version of website offers. KOSSDA English website is now accessible from the world-wide universities through Korea Foundation.영문 웹사이트 오픈
February 2013
Public Opinions, Values and Attitudes Survey Databank K-Poll service launched
KOSSDA launched K-Poll service in February, 2013, which provides the survey results on public opinions, values and attitudes. On the K-Poll website, the outcomes of 9,500 survey questionnaire and response results can be found conveniently and displayed graphically by keyword and subject, and as a result, public opinions on major political and social issues can be grasped.여론, 가치 및 태도 조사 데이터뱅크 K-Poll 서비스 개시
July 2015
Transfer to Seoul National University Asia Center (SNUAC)
KOSSDA moved to Asia Center at Seoul National University in July 2015 and becomes the member of data ecology surrounded by university education and advanced research. It signed an agreement with Seoul National University(SNU) to transfer KOSSDA business and organization to the university's Asian Center in June, 2015. In July of the same year, KOSSDA moved to the Seoul National University Asia Center and officially announced re-launching by holding a opening ceremony in January, 2016.서울대 아시아연구소로 이관
July 2019
KOSSDA Website Renewed and reopened
KOSSDA renewed and reopened the website by updating and strengthening its own DB system, which is now free and easy to use. It is expected to work for effectively managing research data in the archive, and encouraging data based research and data sharing. The website renewed is characteristic in providing various database in social science, variables DB, and data-related publications DB, which is corrected and systemized.신규 웹사이트 공식 오픈
April 2022
Upgraded to the Independent Research Institute
KOSSDA transferred to the College of Social Sciences from Asia Center at Seoul National University in April 2022. It became an independent research institute on the basis of well established data archive. It just opened the era of "KOSSDA 3.0" after going through the Sajik-dong era (2006-2015) and the Asia center era (2015-2022). KOSSDA will be reborn as a trusted information Knowledge entity that proactively responds to the changing data environment at the forefront of data-based research and education.서울대 사회과학대학 연구시설로 재개원