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Research on Data Stewardship

We conduct research on data stewardship for accurate, consistent, and reliable data service and responsible data management to ensuring research integrity.

Study on KOSSDA DB System Improvement

KOSSDA moves from data collecting and preserving system toward the one focusing on facilitating data utilization and finding/deriving new values from original data. For this change to be realized, It proceeds with a series of archiving improvement projects including data citation form, meta data structure, and social science indicator DB and so forth. They will make KOSSDA accessible and useful to use and so a more user-friendly archive.

  • Study on Data citation form development
  • Study on Meta-data system improvement
  • Study on Social Indicator DB Construction Plan
  • Study on the data production of social science researches
Study on KOSSDA DB System Improvement

Data Harmonization of Social Well-being Survey in Asia, 2017-2019

KOSSDA participated in Social Well-being Survey in Asia, collaborating with researchers in 7 Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines. Supported by the Center for Social Well-being Studies at Senshu University and Research Organization of Information and Systems-Joint Support-Center for Data Science Research(ROIS-DS) in Japan, KOSSDA takes a key role in setting up the harmonization rules and integrating all the social wellbeing data in comparable form.

Data Harmonization of Social Well-being Survey in Asia, 2017-2019

Pilot Study on Archiving and Sharing of Research outputs of SNU Asia Center, 2018

The aim of this pilot study is to explore the way of archiving and sharing diverse forms of research outputs of Asia Center that are derived from many research teams and programs within the center. With the support of the Center, KOSSDA interviewed researchers of the Center and carefully examined the characteristics of research data they have been storing and their current state of data management. Based on this observation, a metadata standard and Database was built-up.