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Korean Social Trend Report

Since 2008, KOSSDA has been working with the Statistics Korea to publish "Korean Social Trends", an annual report of quality of life in Korean society and its changes.

This project began in 2008 and KOSSDA played a leading role in organizing the framework and format of the overall report. This report is divided into various life domains including population, family and household, health, education, labor, income and consumption, culture and leisure, housing and transportation, environment, safety, and social cohesion. Experts of each domain take responsibilities for selecting an annual theme and timely topics and writing chapters. KOSSDA organizes and manage this process runs smoothly.

As of 2021, a total of 240 experts participated, 155 major trend articles and 331 issue chapters were published. The report is being widely used by policy makers, journalists, businessmen and the public, and is also used as a teaching material for universities.