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User Agreement

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of these terms is to prescribe procedures and conditions of the use of data services provided by the website of the Korea Social Science Data Archive at Seoul National University(hereinafter referred to as "KOSSDA") and the rights and obligations of KOSSDA and KOSSDA members.

Article 2 (Definition of terms)

  • ① Def initions of terms used in this agreement are as follows.
    1. 1. Member: a user who has agreed to the Data Use Agreement and has completed user registration on the KOSSDA website, and, thereby, can use the services provided by KOSSDA.
    2. 2. Data Sharing Member: a person or representative of an institution that has entered into Data Deposit Agreements with KOSSDA and has completed membership registration at the website of KOSSDA.
    3. 3. ID: an e-mail account registered by the member and authorized by KOSSDA in order to identify the member and to use services provided by KOSSDA.
    4. 4. Password: a combination of letters or numbers set by the member to confirm the identity of and to protect the confidentiality of the member
    5. 5. KOSSDA website: the internet site(https://kossda.snu.ac.kr) created and maintained by KOSSDA to provide data services to members
    6. 6. Data: all kinds of quantitative and qualitative data collected and provided by KOSSDA
    7. 7. Metadata: information about data which describes the data provided by KOSSDA
    8. 8. Data Producer: person(s) or institution(s) that has(have) produced the data deposited to KOSSDA
    9. 9. Copyrights holder data: person(s) or institution(s) that hold rights to the data deposited to KOSSDA
    10. 10. Online Statistical Analysis System: the system that allows the analysis of survey data on the KOSSDA website
    11. 11. Database (DB): an organized collection of data, metadata, and documentations provided by KOSSDA
  • ② Terms other than those defined in Paragraph 1 shall be subject to the relevant laws and regulations and as defined in KOSSDA's various guidances.

Article 3 (Disclosure and amendment of agreement)

  • ① KOSSDA shall post the contents of this Agreement on KOSSDA's website or disclose to its members by other means.
  • ② KOSSDA may amend the terms of this Agreement without prior notice in the event of a grave reason, and the revised Agreement shall be announced as prescribed in Paragraph 1 of this Article. The member may terminate the Data Use Agreement and withdraw from membership any time when disagreeing on the amended terms.

Article 4 (Other Rules)

  • ① Matters not mentioned in this agreement shall be subject to the laws and regulations related to copyright and intellectual property rights in Korea, the Basic Law on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, and other related laws and practices.
  • ② KOSSDA may determine detailed service terms that are not included in this Agreement, and the contents shall be announced through respective service guides on the KOSSDA website.

Chapter 2 Membership and Member Information Management

Article 5 (Membership)

  • ① Anyone who wishes to use the services provided on the KOSSDA website must agree to these terms and apply for membership by completing the prescribed membership application form.
  • ② KOSSDA may not approve membership for the following applicants.
  • 1. If the applicant applies for membership by using an e-mail account other than his or her own name
  • 2. If the applicant makes a false statement of personal information or omit records of required entries in the membership application
  • 3. If the applicant conducts an act that is prohibited by this Agreement or related laws

Article 6 (Issuing ID and Password, etc.)

  • ① KOSSDA shall issue the member's ID and password as determined by the member.
  • ② In principle, the ID can not be changed. If the member intends to change the ID due to unavoidable reason, the ID must be canceled and re-registered.

Article 7 (Protection and use of personal information)

  • ① KOSSDA shall endeavor to protect the personal information of members in accordance with the related laws and take appropriate measures to prevent personal information from being leaked, stolen, or altered.
  • ② KOSSDA can not provide the personal information of the member to the third party without the consent of the member. However, the following cases shall be made exceptions.
    1. 1. If the shipper is notified of the minimum amount of member information (e-mail address, e-mail) required for delivery
    2. 2. When there is a request under the legitimate procedure of the state agency pursuant to relevant laws and regulations
    3. 3. If there is a request pursuant to the procedures set forth in other relevant laws and regulations
  • ③ The KOSSDA may use all or some of the member's personal information for the purpose of service management and compiling membership statistics through the consent of the member.
  • ④ KOSSDA may provide the personal information of the data members upon the request of the producer or depositor of the data after the consent of the member.
  • ⑤ KOSSDA does not collect any information other than the personal information provided by the member. However, KOSSDA can collect and store automatically generated information on the web as follows.
    1. 1. The IP address or operating system (OS) of the computer that the member used to visit the website,
    2. 2. Date and time the member visited the website
    3. 3. The page of the website that the member visited or used
  • ⑥ Members may modify or delete their personal information on the website for the protection and management of personal information.

Chapter 3 KOSSDA and Membership Obligations

Article 8 (Obligations of KOSSDA)

  • ① KOSSDA can not discontinue data services unless there are special circumstances.
  • ② KOSSDA should comply with paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 6 with respect to the protection of personal information.
  • ③ KOSSDA should deal with the opinions or complaints raised by the members promptly through appropriate procedures. If it is difficult to process immediately, the member should be notified of the reason and the schedule of processing.

Article 9 (Member Obligations)

  • ① Members must fill out all the information at the time of completing the membership application or when changing the information of the application. If the member makes a false statement, s/he can not claim his / her right as a member.
  • ② The member shall not transfer or divulge his / her ID and password to a third party. If the user transfers or divulges his / her ID and password to a third party , s/he shall be responsible for it.
  • ③ Members shall not infringe the intellectual property rights of KOSSDA and copyright holder.
  • ④ When members use KOSSDA data, they must comply with the followings.
    1. 1. Members can not use the raw data provided to obtain information about specific individuals, organizations, or organizations.
    2. 2. All or part of the provided data can not be given to third parties without the consent of KOSSDA.
    3. 3. When presenting the results of the research using the provided data through printed matter, electronic media, broadcasting media, etc., the name, producer, provider (KOSSDA) of the data should be disclosed to the presentation according to the prescribed form of KOSSDA.
    4. 4. When publishing the research results using the provided data, one copy of the publication must be submitted to KOSSDA within one month of publication.
    5. 5. Data provided must be destroyed as soon as the period of use expires.
    6. 6. Information obtained by using KOSSDA website contents or services shall not be used for commercial purpose. Information obtained using the contents or services of KOSSDA website shall not be used for commercial purpose.
  • ⑥ The KOSSDA may request additional conditions related to the use of certain data other than those stipulated in these Agreement, and the Member may agree to the terms and use the materials.
  • ⑦ The member shall use the data only in accordance with the conditions specified in this agreement and immediately notify KOSSDA of any violation of any of the contents of this agreement.

Chapter 4 Service utilization and DB copyright

Article 10 (Use of Services)

  • ① The services provided by KOSSDA are as follows.
    1. 1. Search and browse
    2. 2. Download open data
    3. 3. Application for restricted data
    4. 4. Tabulation and analysis of survey data using NESSTAR
    5. 5. Provide methodology training program
    6. 6. Mailing service
    7. 7. Provide online publishing and use-statistics of deposited data
      1. ② KOSSDA members can use all kinds of services provided by KOSSDA except ①-1 of article 10.
      2. ③ Data sharing member can use all kinds of services provided by KOSSDA.
      3. ④ All services of KOSSDA shall be provided as set forth in the service usage guide on the KOSSDA website.
      4. ⑤ KOSSDA can change the contents of the service due to unavoidable circumstances, technical specification change, or service renewal, and does not compensate the member for some or all of damages unless caused by intentional or grave error.

Article 11 (Service access and hours)

  • ① Members can use all services from the time KOSSDA notifies the approval of application for membership.
  • ② The KOSSDA service shall be provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week unless there is a special business or technical problem at KOSSDA.
  • ③ KOSSDA may temporarily suspend the service due to periodic inspection, expansion or replacement of the system, and KOSSDA shall notify any such scheduled suspension of service in advance through the KOSSDA website.

Article 12 (Copyright of DB)

  • ① KOSSDA holds the copyright to all databases retrieved from the KOSSDA website. However, the DB with the original copyright holder will be specified on the website.
  • ② Members may not use or quote the database owned by KOSSDA without permission of KOSSDA.

Chapter 5 Termination of Agreement and Restriction of Use

Article 13 (Termination of agreement)

If a member wishes to terminate the use agreement, that is, membership, s/he must terminate it directly at the KOSSDA website.

Article 14 (Restriction of use)

If a member violates the provisions of Article 9 of this Agreement, KOSSDA may restrict the use of the service or terminate the use agreement without prior notice.

Chapter 6 Other Clause

Article 15 (Prohibition of collecting email addresses)

Members may not collect or provide email addresses to third parties using email address extractors.

Article 16 (Compensation for damages and disclaimer)

  • ① The KOSSDA shall not be liable for damages incurred by members in connection with the use of the Service, except for damage caused by KOSSDA's intentional or gross negligence.
  • ② Although all efforts are made to ensure the quality of the datasets provided by KOSSDA, neither the original data producers, depositors, copyright holders or funders nor KOSSDA bear any responsibility for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the datasets.
  • ③ KOSSDA shall not be held liable for damages caused by information obtained by users using the service.

Article 17 (Competent court)

  • ① In the event of a dispute between KOSSDA and its members regarding the use of the Services, both parties shall consult in good faith to resolve the dispute.
  • ② If the dispute is not settled in the consultation under paragraph (1) of this article, both parties may file a complaint in the court of competent jurisdiction of the Civil Procedure Act.
  • ③ Any lawsuits filed between KOSSDA and its members shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.


Article 1 (Effective Date)

  • This Agreement is effective as of April 12, 2022.

The Collection and Use of Personal Information

1. Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Usage

KOSSDA collects information for purposes such as confirming membership intent, managing user privileges, sending notifications, providing data download and deposit services, etc.

2. Categories of Collected Information

Required fields: Name, E-mail Address, Password, Affiliation, Position, Research Field Information automatically collected when accessing the website: IP address, date of visit, usage records

3. Retention and Usage Period

The collected information is accessible only to authorized administrators. When a member cancels their membership, their information is immediately deleted. Member accounts inactive for over 1 year are converted to an inactive account. Any associated personal information will be kept separately for a period of 3 years and then destroyed.

4. Provision of Information to Third Parties

KOSSDA does not provide any personal information to third parties without the user consent.

5. Right to Refuse Consent

Users have the right to refuse consent for personal information collection, but this may limit access to our services.