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Studies on Social Indicators

KOSSDA has participated and promoted research projects for the development of National Social Indicator system to measure the well-being of people and country.

A Study on the Development and Revision of the Key National Indicator System

In 2013, KOSSDA, together with the National Statistical Office, developed the Key National Indicator System, which provides a balanced and systematic view of the well-being of the people and the development of the country, and conducted a study to revise it in 2017.
To make the Key National Indicator system, Korean society is divided into three categories: economy, society, environment. And the three value-oriented factors such as 'the well-being of the people', 'national progress' and 'sustainability' are set to reflect them into main areas by each category and some overlaid areas across the main ones. After eliciting the values that each area aims at, indicators measuring these values around performance are selected to form the whole indicator system.
As of now, the Key National Indicator system consists of three domains, 14 sub-domains, 103 headline indicators, 81 supplementary indicators and 97 international comparative indicators. It is currently serviced to the public on the K-Indicator website of the National Statistical Office.