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The Korea Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA) is a Korea's representative data archive, leading in collecting and sharing social science data. KOSSDA archives various kinds of data including survey data, statistical tables, interviews and narratives, documents and observation notes produced by research institutes and individual researchers. We establish digital databases and share the data for use in research through the web site. KOSSDA works closely with experts in the field and networks associated and the work comes up with some outcomes such as the annual reports, Korean Social Trends, and the development of National Key Indicators. We also conduct some research projects related to data acquisition and dissemination, database construction and archiving system improvement. KOSSDA works for being advanced into Asia research data hub through active participation in research consortium of international comparative survey and the Network of Asian Social Science Data Archives(NASSDA). KOSSDA hosts a variety of academic events such as Data Fair, KOSSDA thesis award, tutorial session on the archive, and educational programs on methodology and data analysis.