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University Affiliates202

Asian Social Well-Being Studies   

Center for Social Well-being Studies Senshu University   

Department of Anthropology, Seoul National University   

Institute for Social Development Studies, Yonsei University   

Institute of Information, Knowledge and Policy, Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University   

Institute of International Affairs, Seoul National University   

Institute of Peace and Unification Sutdies, Seoul National University   

Institute of Population and Aging Research, Hanyang University   

Institute of Social Research, Korea University   

Institute of Social Survery, Hallym University   

Korean Institute for HIV/AIDS Prevention, Sahmyook University   

Korean Social Life, Health and Aging Project, Yonsei University   

Research Institute for Social Science, Ewha Womans University   

Social Science Research Institute, Chonbuk National University   

The Commission for SSK Multi-cultural Research, Hanyang University