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The Seoul Welfare Foundation established in 2004 by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, seeks to enhance the professionalism of social welfare services and provide substantial welfare services in line with the welfare needs and expectations of the citizens of Seoul. It conducts welfare facility capacity-building projects such as welfare facility evaluation and certification, management consulting, and job training, as well as welfare support projects suitable for local communities and welfare targets. It also does welfare-related research for basic and leading development of welfare policies in Seoul. Its major researches include the Seoul Welfare Panel Survey conducted with the Seoul Metropolitan Government from 2009 to 2011, and the Seoul Elderly Life and Welfare Survey conducted every two years from 2012 to collect basic data necessary for the development of Seoul's elderly policies.

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2013장인수, 김홍석한국지역학회
2013김명일, 신혜리서울연구원
2013김동배, 이은진, 이경원한국노인복지학회
2013김동배, 유병선, 이은진한국노인복지학회
2014정규형, 박서영한국노인복지학회
2013김동배, 유병선한국노년학회
2013정지영서울시립대학교 일반대학원 석사
2013김명일, 이상우, 김혜진한국보건사회연구원
2013장인수서울대학교 대학원 석사