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Institute of Social Research, Korea University1

Institute of Social Research, Korea University

Korea University Institute of Social Research founded in 1996 has sought to solve various issues in our society and present meaningful alternatives and ultimately makes contribution academically to expansion of better commonality not only for Korean society but also for global society. It has continued to host sociology colloquium since its founding to lead timely discussion of social issues, and it publishes "Korean Society", a specialized journal that accepts academic achievements in various fields on the subject of Korean society. In the case of research, its main outputs were focused on the theme of publicity, health inequalities, and civil solidarity. In particular, the survey on Koreans' conflict awareness and candlelight gathering both of which are related to publicity, was also published as a book of a valuable reference for Korean society.

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Park, Gil- Sung
Institute of Social Research, Korea University ; BrainKorea21 Conflict Society Human Resource Development Education Research Group, Korea University


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