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한국교육의 당면문제에 관한 조사, 1980 : 일반 성인

Data Type
Survey data
ID Number
Survey on Problems of Education in Korea, 1980 : Adults
Lee, Hongkoo. Survey on Problems of Education in Korea, 1980 : Adults [Dataset]. Center for Social Sciences, Seoul National University[Producers]. Korea Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA) [Distributors], 2005, A1-1980-0001, V1.0, http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12236/11873
Principal Investigator(s)
Lee, Hongkoo / Seoul National University
Chung, Won-Shik / Jeong, Weon-sig / Seoul National University
Lim, Jong-Chul / Seoul National University
Lee, Sang Joo / Seoul National University
Kim, Kyung-Dong / Seoul National University
Lee, In Ho / Seoul National University
Kim, Dong Kun / Seoul National University
Lee, Hong-Woo / Seoul National University
Choi, Jong-Tae / Seoul National University
KIL, Soong-Hoom / Seoul National University
Ahn, Chung-Si / Seoul National University
Kim, Soon Taek / Seoul National University
Lee, On-Jook / Seoul National University
Lee, Chong Jae / Seoul National University
Bai, Moo Ki / Seoul National University
Center for Social Sciences, Seoul National University
Economic Science Council
Center for Social Sciences, Seoul National University
Center for Social Sciences, Seoul National University
Date of Deposit
Korea Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA)
Date of Distribution
Date of Version
The「Survey on Problems of Education in Korea」was conducted to procure scientific data necessary for discerning a more suitable direction for education in Korea through a comprehensive in depth diagnosis of the problems confronting education in Korea today. The survey was conducted among ordinary adults, and students and teachers at elementary, middle, and high schools, and this data was collected from ordinary adults. The questionnaire is designed for a multidimensional and comprehensive examination of the problems of education in Korea. The main contents are future education and occupation of children, evaluation of current educational problems, opinion on discriminatory remuneration according to level of education, and value system. The questions on future education and occupation of children include ideal level of education for boys and girls, children continuing on to college education, children’s desired occupation, and prestigious universities. The questions on evaluation of current educational problems include plans for procuring resources, government’s financial support of private schools, graduation quota system, entrance examination system, measure to alleviate competition in entrance exams, and the evaluation of equalization policy. The questions on discriminatory remuneration according to level of education include promotion, equity in teaching staff management, root cause of educational problems, and the outcomes of education and social influence. The section on value systems includes questions on importance of ability, human nature, emphasized course of education, education goals, and the political activities of university students and educators.
educationeducation levelseducational policysex discriminationgender discriminationeducational discriminationeducational inequalityinequality in educationability groupingability based class groupingprivate tutoringprivate educationpublic educationschool educationinequalitystandardization policycollege entrance examuniversity entrance examquality of lifeeducation problemsachievement statuscollege entrance systemeducational backgroundacademic cliques
Date of Collection
Geographic Coverage
South Korea except for Jeju
Unit of Analysis
persons aged 20 and over
Time Method
one time cross-sectional study
Data Collector(s)
Center for Social Sciences, Seoul National University
Mode of Data Collection
Sampling Procedure
multi-stage stratified sampling
Number of Cases
1,420 (valid)
Extent of Collection
Questionnaire(pdf) ; Codebook(pdf) ; Data(sav)
Questionnaire-Korean ; Codebook-Korean ; Data-Korean
Availability Status
Public Use
「한국교육의 당면문제에 관한 조사연구」는 일반성인(A1-1980-0001), 교사(A1-1980-0002), 학생: 고등학생/대학생(A1-1980-0003) 으로 구분되며, KOSSDA 에서는 일반성인과 교사자료가 이용가능하며, 학생자료는 설문지만 이용가능함.
서울대학교 "사회과학연구소"는 1997년 3월 1일 "사회과학연구원"으로 명칭이 변경되었다.
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Related Documents-Questionnaire(Korean) kor_que_19800001.pdf 설문지 (한글) PDF 401.55 kB 다운로드
Related Documents-Codebook(Korean) kor_codebook_19800001.pdf 코드북 (한글) PDF 859.09 kB 다운로드

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