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The Korea Bhang Jeong Hwan Foundation56

Korea Bang Jeong-hwan Foundation is a non-profit corporation established in 1998 to commemorate, inherit, and develop Mr. Bang's achievements of love for children and youth. It conducts book publishing & sharing, scholarship, and research projects through the 'Small Water World' project under the slogan 'Happy World for Children and Youth' and it also works on compilation of historical materials of Mr. Bang and commemoration project for him. The main research project is the Korean Children and Youth Happiness Index Survey, which has been conducted annually since 2009 in cooperation with Institute for Social Development studies of Yonsei University.

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Title / Publish Year / Author / Publisher
2018김은경 ; 김경희한국청소년정책연구원
2017김은경 ; 김경희한국사회학회
2018김경미 ; 염유식한국보건사회학회
2018박현숙 ; 홍현희 ; 한윤선한국조사연구학회
2016김경호 ; 이기홍한국조사연구학회
2017서현주 ; 최형아고려대학교 교육문제연구소
2016이상직 ; 전영우 ; 정우연 ; 한신갑한국교육사회학회