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Survey on the Performance Measurement of the Low Income Family Asset Building Program, 2010


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Principal Investigator(s)

Lee, Sunseong / Seoul Welfare Foundation


This panel survey was conducted annually from 2009 to 2011 to analyze the performance of the "Hope Plus Savings Book" program which was implemented by the Seoul Welfare Foundation to assist working poor families build assets. In order to vertically evaluate the program’s performance, the survey was designed using the panel survey method conducted among the same respondents each year. The survey panel consisted of a review group and a control group to allow comparisons between evaluations by the program participating group and non-participating group. This data was collected from the second survey conducted in 2010 and includes topics of employment status, family finance status, consumption categories, savings status, familial relationship, social activities, and life satisfaction.

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Poverty/ Welfare

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Related Documents-Questionnaire(Korean) kor_que_20100095.pdf 설문지 (한글) PDF 283.23 kB Download
Related Documents-Codebook(Korean) kor_codebook_20100095.pdf 코드북 (한글) PDF 404.29 kB Download
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