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부산시 고학력 경력단절 여성인력 실태조사, 2008

Data Type
Survey data
ID Number
Survey on Highly Educated Professional Women with Career Interruptions in Busan, 2008
Kim, Yeong-Ye. Survey on Highly Educated Professional Women with Career Interruptions in Busan, 2008 [Dataset]. Busan Women and Family Development Institute[Producers]. Korea Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA) [Distributors], 2011-08-17, A1-2008-0071, V1.0, http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12236/14196
Principal Investigator(s)
Kim, Yeong-Ye / Busan Women and Family Development Institute
Choi, Cheong-Rak / Busan Women and Family Development Institute
Busan Women and Family Development Institute
Busan Women and Family Development Institute
Busan Women and Family Development Institute
Date of Deposit
Korea Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA)
Date of Distribution
Date of Version
This survey was conducted by the Busan Women and Family Development Institute to collect preliminary data for establishing measures for vitalizing the reentry of highly educated married women back into the workforce whose careers have been interrupted by marriage and childbirth.
The survey was conducted among middle aged college graduate women who are married. The questionnaire is composed of contents on the socioeconomic characteristics of the respondents as well as attitude towards work, work experience, qualifications, state of job search and job training, use of maternity leave, and demand for employment support policies. The details of the survey questions are as follows.
1. Socioeconomic characteristics
Age, education, major, number of children, age of children, household income, etc.
2. Attitude towards work and profession
Life satisfaction, importance of work, values of professional life, opinion on the major facets of work, evaluation of the status of major occupations, desired type of profession and job, desired type of employment, desired wage level, reason for wanting to work by the hour, and considerations when seeking employment, etc.
3. Career
Type of workplace, size of workplace, type of employment, type of profession, period of employment, etc.
4. Qualifications
Opinion on the standards of personal ability, possession of certificates/licenses, type of certificate, area of certificate, period of obtaining certificate/license, etc.
5. State of job search activities and vocational training
Period of unemployment, whether actively seeking employment, channels of seeking employment, difficulties in job search, use of vocational training institution, considerations in choosing a vocational training institution, desired vocational training program, desired support related to vocational training, etc.
6. Utilization of maternity leave
Whether previous job was insured under the 4 major social insurance schemes, period of maternity leave, payment of wages during maternity leave, improvements for maternity leave system, etc.
7. Demand for employment support policy
Need for support policy for reentry into the workforce, utilization of employment support services and agencies and degree of helpfulness, policies to be promoted foremost for the vitalization of reentry into the workforce.
female workforcefemale human resourcefemale employmentwomen's employmentpolicy on womenemployment policyemployment supportemployment servicecareer interruptioncareer discontinuityreemploymentpart-time workattitude towards worklabor orientedwork orientationoccupational choiceoccupational statuscertificationjob searchseeking workvocational educationjob trainingmaternity leavematernity payBusan Metropolitan City
Employment/ Labor
Date of Collection
Geographic Coverage
Unit of Analysis
aged 30-49 college graduate women in Busan, who are married and wish to find a job
Time Method
one time cross-sectional study
Data Collector(s)
Dasan Research
Mode of Data Collection
face to face interview (interview by visiting household: 500, interview by visiting vocational training institution: 300)
Sampling Procedure
convenience sampling
Number of Cases
800 (valid)
Extent of Collection
Questionnaire(pdf) ; Codebook(pdf) ; Data(sav)
Questionnaire-Korean ; Codebook-Korean ; Data-Korean
Availability Status
Public Use
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Related Documents-Questionnaire(Korean) kor_que_20080071.pdf 설문지 (한글) PDF 225.76 kB 다운로드
Related Documents-Codebook(Korean) kor_codebook_20080071.pdf 코드북 (한글) PDF 371.56 kB 다운로드

김영예 ; 최청락 ; 양아름. 2008. 고학력 경력단절여성의 인적자원활용 연구. 부산여성가족개발원 KSSL Google

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