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도서지역 주민의 가족계획 실태조사, 1986

Data Type
Survey data
ID Number
Survey on the Family Planning of Island Area Residents, 1986
Lee, Im-Jeon. Survey on the Family Planning of Island Area Residents, 1986 [Dataset]. [Producers]. Korea Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA) [Distributors], 2010-12-17, A1-1986-0005, V1.0, http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12236/13941
Principal Investigator(s)
Lee, Im-Jeon
Moon, Hyeon-Sang
Oh, Young-Hee
Lee, Sang-Young
Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs
Date of Deposit
Korea Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA)
Date of Distribution
Date of Version
The Korean government, as part of the 1980s birth control policy, pursued a family planning program including health and education services. However, due to geographical reasons the benefits of the project did not reach island areas. This survey was conducted by the Korea Institute for Population and Health (the current Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs) to investigate measures for pursuing a family planning program for the residents of island areas by examining the state of family planning in these areas.
The questionnaire of this survey is composed of contents on values in regards to children, awareness of family planning program, and the state of controlling pregnancies and birth. The questionnaire includes a majority of questions from the「National Fertility and Family Health Survey」conducted in 1985 and was designed to allow the comparative study of the two surveys.
The main topics of survey include need for children, ideal age gap between children, degree of male preference, ideal number of children, desired number of children, number of visits to health clinic, experience of coming in contact with advertisements or news related to family planning, pro/cons and benefits of the ‘two children’ policy, whether or not currently practicing birth control, reason for birth control, method of birth control, level of satisfaction of birth control method, experience of failing at birth control, experience of abortion, reason for not using birth control, intention of using birth control in the future, and experience of pregnancy and childbirth.
island areapopulation policyfamily policyfamily planningpregnancybirth (pregnancy)contraception산아제한출산억제자녀가치관이상자녀수
Family/ Gender
Date of Collection
Geographic Coverage
Ongjin-gun, Sinan-gun, Ulleung-gun, and Tongyeong-gun
Unit of Analysis
married women between the ages of 15 and 44 reside in island areas
Time Method
one time cross-sectional study
Data Collector(s)
Korea Institute for Population and Health
Mode of Data Collection
face to face interview
Sampling Procedure
300 women were randomly sampled from resident registration in each gun area
Number of Cases
1,200 (valid)
Extent of Collection
Questionnaire(pdf) ; Codebook(pdf) ; Data(sav)
Questionnaire-Korean ; Codebook-Korean ; Data-Korean
Availability Status
Public Use
The Korea Institute for Population and Health was renamed the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs in December, 1989.
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Related Documents-Questionnaire(Korean) kor_que_19860005.pdf 설문지 (한글) PDF 1.3 MB 다운로드
Related Documents-Codebook(Korean) kor_codebook_19860005.pdf 코드북 (한글) PDF 273.68 kB 다운로드

이임전 ; 문현상 ; 오영희 ; 이상영. 1986. 島嶼地域住民의 家族計劃實態調査:4個 島嶼地域을 中心으로. 韓國人口保健硏究院 KSSL Google

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