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중앙일보 창간기념 국민의식조사, 2004

Data Type
Survey data
ID Number
JoongAng Ilbo Anniversary Public Opinion Survey, 2004
JoongAng Ilbo Anniversary Public Opinion Survey
JoongAng Ilbo Anniversary Public Opinion Survey, 2004 [Dataset]. JoongAng Ilbo[Producers]. Korea Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA) [Distributors], 2010-06-25, A1-2004-0008, V1.0, http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12236/13694
JoongAng Ilbo
JoongAng Ilbo
JoongAng Ilbo
JoongAng Ilbo
Date of Deposit
Korea Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA)
Date of Distribution
Date of Version
This survey was conducted around the anniversary of JoongAng Ilbo (daily newspaper) to collect data for a special article on the public awareness of major issues in areas of politics, economy, society and daily life. The survey was conducted in 2004, 2005, 2007, and 2008. The questionnaire was designed to allow for a time-series analysis by including replicating questions each year.
This data was collected in 2004 and includes contents on health, household finances and quality of life, political and social issues, economic issues, reunification with North Korea, educational environment, work life, leisure and consumption, marriage and sexual issues, and information and communications. Each topic’s major questions include the following:
Health: level of interest in health, whether he/she exercises, preferred sport
Household Finances and Quality of Life: level of life satisfaction, quality of life, determinants of quality of life, changes in household finances, main household expenditures, intention of investing in stocks, type of asset investment, desired type of residence, subjective class awareness
Political and Social Issues: stability of current state of affairs, current social problems, prevalence of corruption, prevalence of individualism, evaluation on government, party identification, ideal type of government
Economic Issues: evaluation on current economic conditions, economic outlook, attitude towards government regulations, attitude towards large conglomerates
Reunification with North Korea: attitude towards other countries, need for reunification, willingness to bear the costs of reunification, outlook on the timing of reunification, attitude towards policy on North Korea
Educational Environment: expenses on private education, experience of bribe, attitude towards early study abroad, attitude towards donation-based admission system, seriousness of environment harmful to youths, evaluation on the younger generation, seriousness of environmental problems, participation in environment friendly activities, preferred type of funeral
Work Life: job satisfaction, requirements of a good job, desired occupation, requirements for success, awareness of differences between the abilities of men and women, ease of women entering the workforce, seriousness of sexual assault within the workplace
Leisure and Consumption: how to utilize leisure time, monthly allowance, experience of delayed credit card payment, experience of foreign travel, desired destination of overseas travel
Marriage and Sexual Issues: attitude towards marriage and divorce, attitude towards premarital sex, attitude towards sexual culture, attitude towards child education
Information and Communication: use of the internet, purpose of using internet, monthly expenditure on telecommunications
national consciousnessattitude surveylife satisfactionquality of lifehousehold expenditureinvestmenthousing conditionssubjective class consciousnesssocial problemsgovernment rolecorruptionevaluation of state administrationevaluation of government administrationevaluation of state affairsevaluation of government affairsRoh Moo-hyun governmentparty identificationpolitical party supportform of governmenteconomic situationgovernment regulationconglomeratenational affinityKorean reunificationReunification of Koreaattitude towards reunificationpolicy toward North Koreaprivate education costschonjibribeearly study abroadyouth study abroaddonation based admissionscontribution based admissionsyouth consciousnessenvironmental issuesfuneraljob satisfaction levelsocial successwomen entering the workforcewomen's advancement in societywomen's entry into societysexual harassment in the workplaceleisure time activitiespocket moneyallowancecredit cardtravel abroadpremarital sexsexual culturechild educationinternet use
Date of Collection
Geographic Coverage
South Korea excluding Jeju
Unit of Analysis
persons aged 20 and over
Time Method
repeated cross-sectional study
Data Collector(s)
Millward Brown Media Research
Mode of Data Collection
face to face interview
Sampling Procedure
quota sampling proportionate to the size of population by sex, age, and area
Number of Cases
1,200 (valid)
Extent of Collection
Questionnaire(pdf) ; Codebook(pdf) ; Data(sav)
Questionnaire-English ; Codebook-English ; Data-English
Availability Status
Public Use
현재 KOSSDA에서는「중앙일보 창간기념 국민의식조사」2004년(A1-2004-0008), 2005년 (A1-2005-0089), 2007년 (A1-2007-0061), 2008년 (A1-2008-0019) 자료만 이용가능하다.
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