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Survey on Social Movements in the Jinju Area, 2003 : Civil Organizations


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Principal Investigator(s)

Lee, Hyesook / Department of Sociology, Gyeongsang National University


Regional social movements in Korean society have grown along with the growth of civil society. The「Survey on Social Movements in the Jinju Area」was conducted to estimate the growth level of civil society by examining the overall characteristics and state of regional social movement organizations. The survey is composed of surveys of social movement organizations and its members and this data was collected from civil organizations. The questionnaire includes contents on information on civil organizations, year of establishment, purpose of establishment, size of expenses, list of activities from previous year, methods of financing, membership composition, member management, activities and organizational management, and relationship with local government.

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「진주지역 사회운동 현황조사」는 사회운동단체(A1-2003-0064)와 회원(A1-2003-0065)에 대한 조사로 구분되며, 운동단체 조사는 설문지만 이용가능하다.

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Related Documents-Questionnaire(Korean) kor_data_20030064.pdf 설문지 (한글) PDF 1.05 MB Download
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