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A Study on Drug Abuse and Attitudes towards Drugs, 2004


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Principal Investigator(s)

Kang, Eun-Young / Korean Institute of Criminology


The Korean Institute of Criminology conducted the survey on 「Drug Abuse and Attitudes Towards Drugs」in 7 major Korean cities suspected to have the highest rate of drug abusers. This study estimates the prevalence of drug abuse and also examines the types of drugs, demographic characteristics of drug abusers, motives for drug use, and channel of purchase, etc. In addition, this study attempts to comprehend peoples’ attitudes toward various issues related to drug abuse and policy, and to present an effective policy direction on drug abuse. The questionnaire includes the following contents: the five categories of drugs, peoples’ attitudes towards drug abuse, environmental elements of drug abuse, the seriousness of drub abuse, evaluation of causes of drug abuse, and drug abuse policy.

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Crime/ Safety

File Type File Name File Description File Format File Size Download
Related Documents-Questionnaire(Korean) kor_que_20040033.pdf 설문지 (한글) PDF 917.42 kB Download
Related Documents-Codebook(Korean) kor_codebook_20040033.pdf 코드북 (한글) PDF 587.01 kB Download
Related Documents-Questionnaire(English) eng_que_20040033.pdf Questionnaire (English) PDF 114.12 kB Download
Related Documents-Codebook(English) eng_codebook_20040033.pdf Codebook (English) PDF 452.32 kB Download
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