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Criminal Victimization in Korea, 1997 : 2nd Wave


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Principal Investigator(s)

Choi, Insub   / Korean Institute of Criminology


The Korean Institute of Criminology has conducted the nation-wide victimization survey every 3 years since 1994. This survey is the 2nd victimization survey conducted in Korea and it attempts to investigate the extent and aspects of criminal victimization to discover specific characteristics of victims and offenders and to analyze those factors affecting criminal victimization in Korea to provide the basic data necessary for the establishment of criminal prevention methods. This survey explores individual modes of living, crime trends, attitude towards crime and the seriousness of crime, crime prevention methods and the evaluation of crime preventive efforts of the police, and the types of crimes (theft of car parts, car theft, burglary-theft, burglary-robbery, personal theft(including pocket picking), personal robbery, assault, rape and other sexual assaults.

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Crime/ Safety


「Criminal Victimization in Korea」was performed 5 times; 1994(A1-1994-0013), 1997(A1-1997-0006), 1999(A1-1999-0019), 2003(A1-2003-0038), 2006(A1-2006-0006) and all of them are available at KOSSDA.

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Related Documents-Codebook(Korean) kor_codebook_19970006.pdf 코드북 (한글) PDF 515.71 kB Download
Related Documents-Questionnaire(Korean) kor_que_19970006.pdf 설문지 (한글) PDF 860.96 kB Download
Related Documents-Questionnaire(English) eng_que_19970006.pdf Questionnaire (English) PDF 369.76 kB Download
Related Documents-Codebook(English) eng_codebook_19970006.pdf Codebook (English) PDF 809.18 kB Download
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